Faith Baptist Church is an old-fashioned, fundamental, Christ exalting, missionary minded, rejoicing body of believers. We appreciate the "country church" family atmosphere the Lord has given us in our worship services and ministries. We believe that our church should establish families in the Word of God. Bible preaching and exciting, spiritual singing is the main focus of all worship services. Presenting an atmosphere for praise and glory to our Saviour makes us receptive and responsive to the preached Word of God. To please Christ and to reach out to sinners with the Gospel has been our harmonious goal.

We invite you to join with us in "Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith". Hebrews 12:2----Pastor J Barry Goodman

  • Upcoming Events

  • Crossroads Jubilee

    Crossroads Rescue Mission Jubilee April 21-25, 2014

  • Family Fellowship Week

    World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions June 16-19, 2014

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  • Teen Campmeeting 2014

    Middle Tennessee Baptist Church

  • "Precious Jesus"

    Clips from Teen Campmeeting 2014

  • "Tell Me His Name Again"

    Clips from Teen Campmeeting 2014